Earthing and Grounding Products

Earthing and Grounding products are designed to improve overall health and wellness by connecting our bodies to the earth’s natural electrical energy. 

Earthing and Grounding SHEETS

earthing sheet
organic cotton
earthing sheet tester included
king and queen sizes
earthing sheet 4
product & outlet testers included
grounding mat
use with own sheet, EVERYTHING included
earthing sheet 6
use with own sheet, EVERYTHING included

Earthing and Grounding MATS

earthing and grounding mat
Amazon BEST Seller
grounding mat
for sitting or standing
grounding mat 3
2 sizes (book not included)
grounding mat
earthing mat tester included
grounding mat 5
Amazon CHOICE. EVERYTHING included

Earthing and Grounding ACCESSORIES

earthing accessory
direct connection to earth - clip
direct connection to earth - snap on
test your earthing products are grounded
earthing accessory 4
earthing accessory 6
double adapter for socket outlet
test your socket outlet is grounded