earthing books

Earthing Books

Table of Contents Recommended Earthing Books  A technique called earthing, commonly referred to as grounding, involves making a connection to the Earth’s surface in order to use its innate electrical energy. The possible health advantages of this age-old custom have attracted a lot of attention recently. Many people think that getting back in touch with […]

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Earthing and Grounding

What is Earthing and Grounding? Direct physical contact of the Earth is required for the processes of earthing and grounding. The fundamental concept is straightforward: by interacting with the natural electrical charge of the Earth, you may restore and balance your own electrical condition. These techniques are predicated on the idea that the Earth has

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earthing movie

Earthing Movie: A Documentary on the Connection Between Humans and the Earth

The earthing movie brings some needed credibility to the concept of earthing or grounding  oneself to the natural world. Recent documentaries have been produced to examine the deep relationship between people and the Earth . This article delves into the realm of earthing via the prism of a documentary, examining its themes, effects, and the

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does earthing really work?

Does Earthing Really Work?

Does earthing really work, and is earthing scientifically proven? Well, others are asking the same questions. The process of earthing and grounding has drawn interest as a possible wellness trend with a number of health advantages. However, a number of misunderstandings and falsehoods have also surfaced in tandem with the increased interest in earthing. By

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sleeping while grounded to earth

Sleeping While Grounded to Earth

Have you ever felt disconnected, restless, or simply unable to truly unwind at night? Sleeping while grounded to earth is a fascinating concept which many swear by as being able to help.  In our technologically charged world, it’s easy for our natural rhythms to become disrupted, leading to chronic sleep problems and their host of

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