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Welcome to WhatIsEarthing.com, your dedicated haven for exploring the healing power of Mother Earth.


At WhatIsEarthing.com, we believe in the profound connection between the Earth’s natural energy and our well-being. Founded by Miki Kim, a devoted mother and passionate advocate for natural health, our blog serves as a bridge between the nurturing heart of nature and the daily lives of individuals seeking balance, healing, and tranquility.


Miki’s journey into the world of earthing began from a deep-seated desire to provide her family with a life rooted in nature’s wisdom. Her exploration into the grounding practices transformed not only her health but also her perspective on life. Inspired by the transformative power of connecting with the Earth, Miki established this blog to share her discoveries, insights, and the science behind earthing with the world.


Our mission is to enlighten, educate, and inspire our readers by delivering in-depth articles, practical tips, and personal stories that showcase the benefits of grounding. Whether you’re a seasoned earthling practitioner or new to the concept, our blog is a space where you can learn how to harness the Earth’s energy for improved health, increased vitality, and inner peace.


Join us on this journey to reconnect with the Earth and rediscover the healing it offers. Explore our articles, engage with our community, and start your own path to wellness through the simple, yet profound practice of earthing.


Embrace the ground beneath your feet, and let Mother Nature be your guide to holistic health.


Welcome to our community – Welcome to WhatIsEarthing.com.